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Social Responsibility

In quest of Bolivia’s economic and industrial development, MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. maintains strict compliance with existing environmental regulations and promotes the application of policies to protect natural resources as part of its commitment to the environment. 

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L., in its responsibility to ensure the success of its customers’ projects and to fulfill its commitment toward the development of Bolivian young professionals, has maintained a constant transfer of technology to its employees which are now capable to develop the best solutions using the accessible technologies in Bolivia in combination with  state of the art technology worldwide. Mineral Processing S.R.L. ensures a safe and adequate work environment toward the personal and professional development of its employees through continuous training and updates in the country and abroad.

Our concern in society’s human and professional development leads  us to maintain an incentives policy for education, research and technology development, through funding channels for conducting degree thesis in the mining – metallurgical field, provision of equipment for metallurgical testing, promotion and carrying out  of seminars, conferences, publication of technical documents and other activities for the benefit of the mining sector.

Also, we have entered into agreements with universities in the area of research and science, enabling equipment provision for metallurgical research laboratories at the Universidad Técnica de Oruro (UTO) and Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) in La Paz.




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