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Organizational Structure

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L.has an international scale management and operates through specialized divisions, with highly qualified professionals who have strong links with manufacturers, conducting parallel researching and updating on new technologies; thus, facilitating available options for customer decision making in system design and products adaptation.

Our Division Managers are kept abreast of current and recent developments in the industry through specialized courses and seminars in many countries. All products offered by MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. are accompanied by client- oriented quality service, including:

  • Quality assurance that meets international specifications and standards and are fully supported by manufacturers.
  • Work warranty on equipment installation and operation.
  • Professional Advice.
  • Post-Sale Service, as inspections and project tracking. .

Bolivia’s Industrial development is MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. concern, always striving to introduce new technologies to deliver competitive advantage to its clients, enabling them to achieve goals efficiently.




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