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Strategic Planning and Project Management


Head of MINERAL PROCESSING our Strategic Planning and Project Management Division. In this Division we develop the scope of our projects ensuring that the targets defined before are reached by the best means for our Customers.  Using the experience of our staff, plus new technologies for each project in this department we develop the solutions and prepare the necessary project management activities.

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L.’s path of action is conducted in coordination with its customers, for the project to fulfill the client’s needs and requirements.

The Strategic Planning Management Division maintains a close relationship with other divisions and  is  considered a predicting and adapting tool to changes in market environment, allowing us to focus our  efforts and resources toward realistic performance targets in the most efficiency way.

This process involves gathering the needs and requirements of customers, evaluating scenarios of supply and demand, as well as technological scenarios to determine the best options to assist our clients in making informed decisions for future projections that allow them to optimize the use of resources and ensure the desired results with as little risk as possible.

In Project Management we work with the newest methods as we are currently developing the universal Project Management Guidelines and Project Hand Book for MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L.





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