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MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. is a leader in the design and implementation of projects , providing  comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) for projects mainly in the field of mining, metallurgy and processing of solid waste, while maintaining a high level efficiency and effectiveness.

In developing a project under the EPCM system, our clients benefit from high performance and full compliance with deadlines and budgets execution as well as:

  • personalized organization, focused on the business costs and outcomes
  • specialized, small and stable staff
  • oriented decision-making and
  • lower costs

Our services include:

  • Project Management
    The implementation of the EPCM system allows for responsibility centralization and the understanding of objectives, achieving better coordination, communication and efficient use and allocation of resources reducing  the project’s time and costs.  Allows for the development of strategic alliances and increases the added value of the project by the intellectual input of specialists in specific areas.

    Project management services include: building design, programming, monitoring, control, evaluation, management and supervision. Here we work according to the actual Project Management standards and the Project Management Handbook we are presently developing.

  • Engineering
    Mineral Processing S.R.L. performs detailed designs of both facilities and processes, according to our customer requirements, based on the most appropriated software for each case in order to provide an integral solution with the highest quality.   

  • Procurement
    Assess the management systems from supplier proposals and carry out audits and monitoring of quality management system progress. This assures efficient procurement processes.

  • Construction and Start-up
    Our extensive experience in construction management is strongly focused on building assets (plants, smelters, etc.) while meeting current standards of safety and environmental management.

  • Quality management
    Through  EPCM, we offer a wide range of quality management to the mining and metallurgical industry. These services include the preparation of quality manuals of audit projects and quality assurance of providers to meet the requirements customer.




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