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Technology and Engineering

Detailed Engineering

One of the main capacities of MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. is to introduce innovation into the Bolivian mining sector with state of the art metallurgical technology.  For the role, maintains permanent contact with the best specialized companies in the world, representing several of them.

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. acts as the articulator of the entrepreneur, offering integrated project management through EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management) with support from international consultants, which facilitates monitoring and coordination with the customer. In addition to enabling an organization focused on budgets and results of the project aimed at making informed management decisions at a lower cost.

In the same way, MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. enables its customer access to specialized systems for managing and using appropriate software for each of the project needs by providing training for operational personnel.

Pilot Plants

The cooperation work that MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. conducts with the Universidad Técnica de Oruro, makes it possible to have available permanent teams in the metallurgical laboratory to perform various tests.

Facilities and equipment available include: Deister Tables, Jig Kelsey Equipment, Concentration Spirals, fine and coarse gravity testing, flotation and queue thickening, importing the required equipment according to customer demands, which may be provided by the represented companies.


Construction Supervision and Management

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. has an experienced team to ensure the construction of works on a timely manner, according to parameters of quality and optimal costs.  The applied technical criteria, allows the efficient control of all the construction procedures and development of the assigned work.

3D Designs & Virtual Animation

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Development of 3D designs has its main objective in the measurement, with greater clarity and accuracy, of spatial and functional design for planning and execution.

The complexity and detail of the designs call for three-dimensional needs, especially in the projections that involve complex distributions and require study of goods movement, virtual pipes, spatial arrangement of equipment and installation.

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L., has projection technology that meets the universal demand in terms of design and production requirements, keeping updated on advanced virtual digital animation, textures, colors and realistic images.

3D and animation will also correspond to the projected escalation and sized properly in relation to structural and dynamic calculations that will respond even more to use a realistic virtual animation.

Among the specialized software packages that are updated continuously and used for these purposes, we include: 3dmax, Maya, PDMS (for special projects), Solid Works, V-Ray and the line of its main components AutoDesk and Autocad among others.

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