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Geological Exploration and Evaluation

Geo-Engineering & Exploration, a Division of MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L., founded in 1995, and associated with Geomax firm, is mainly responsible for the work of prospecting and geological exploration. The specialties in this field are:

    • Regional geology and topography
    • Rocks and sediments samples in surface and subsurface
    • Detail Geology
    • Supervision of geophysical studies.
    • Logging of DDH diamond drilling and reverse air RC.
    • Typology of mineral deposits (primary and alluvial).
    • Environmental datasheets (EMAP and AMIAC) environmental licensing.
Mining Assessment:
    • Reserves Calculation - minimum economic law (cut off grade) - Primary and Secondary
    • Design of mining tilling (open pit and underground mines).
Mining Economy:
    • Prefeasibility studies, feasibility and final design with focus on socio-economic assessment.
    • Mining sensitivity and costs analysis
    • "Corporate Social Responsibility." programs generation.
Geological engineering studies (geotechnical):
    • Geophysical studies supervision for civil works
    • Geological study supervision for projects in final civil works designs
    • Geotechnical studies supervision for civil works construction.


The funding Division is responsible for carrying out the steps for financing eligible mining projects fulfilling certain criteria. Projects can access to resources once approved legal documentation and technical and economic feasibility.

Promotion and Evaluation of Mining Projects

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. has the capacity, market knowledge and skilled staff for advice and evaluation of mining projects in order to promote business opportunities with high expectations of growth and profitability. Our domestic and international channels add value and ensure its implementation under the best conditions.




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