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Hedging and Futures

Hedging operations are oriented to risk reduction or elimination through the continuous fluctuation behavior of minerals analysis in stock markets, aiming to assess prospects of the entrepreneurship indicating certain acceptable risk levels in prices.

Any investment that takes place involves financial risks.  Adopting a hedging strategy involves taking a compensation position due market loss in benefit of another.

Market Analysis

The market analysis division has the objective of advising clients to take decisions, minimize risks and allowing understand your business issues and find opportunities, providing the most appropriate market information.

 MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L. is committed to search, filter, analyze and present relevant information to our clients ensuring confidentiality through effective research methodologies and the best sources available at national and international levels.


Met & Min (Metals and Minerals) as a Division of MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L., was formed in 1989 and is responsible for the purchase, sale, collection of ferrous and non-ferrous minerals and their sale to foreign smelters. This long term experience has allowed us to specialize in the marketing of tin, bismuth, lead, silver, zinc, antimony and tungsten concentrates.

MINERAL PROCESSING S.R.L., also plans to lead, in the near future, an agency for stock market activities, brokerage and transfer of Securities under the Securities Market Act and the regulations of The Stock Exchange.  This new operating arm is formed to advise our investors in making educated decisions and managing client portfolios through Portfolio Securities in order to manage risk and resources of clients under regulated market conditions.




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